Hitler Reacts to the new Adobe Creative Cloud

by . May 11th, 2013

Adobe recently unveiled their newest offering at Adobe Max. While the announcement about the Adobe Creative Cloud has gotten a lot of mixed emotions from the creative community, there is one guy who is not too happy about the news.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The news that Adobe will stop selling perpetual licenses for their products to move on to subscription plans has risen not just a few eyebrows, but a whole lot of Internet rage as well. Of course the Internet has become creative when it comes to expressing their rage about different things. One particular rage expressing meme is the “Hitler Reacts To” which is an excerpt from the German movie “Downfall” has been used time and time again from Twitter crashing down to the mortgage crisis in the U.S. YouTube user EvilEdison created a version of Hitler Reacts To video about the Adobe Creative Cloud, be warned that the video below uses strong language.


Despite it’s absurdity the video sure brings up some really important points against the Creative Cloud like pricing, compatibility and practicality. One scary probability that the video has pointed out is that what if Adobe decided to jack up the subscription prices from the $50 to a whooping $500 per month. But despite all his rage and his threats Hitler ultimately gives up because he acknowledges that Adobe products are great and invaluable.

What is your opinion about the new Adobe Creative Cloud? Do you think the pricing plans of the Creative Cloud is fair? Tell us your thoughts at the comment section below!