Tutorial Tuesdays – How to Stop Procrastinating

by . March 5th, 2013

Procrastination is a forever part of life. Like it or not it is here to stay with us whether you are a designer or not. If one thing, almost everybody is procrastinating in one way or another. Ironic as it may seem reading this post only shows that you are searching for ways on how to stop procrastinating while procrastinating.

In our efforts to find out ways on how to stop procrastinating, let us review some interesting facts about procrastination to further deepen our understanding about it. One fact is that there are about 20% of Americans who are admittedly chronic procrastinators. Other than that procrastinators are often the best liars especially with themselves. They often lie about the importance of task deeming it as unimportant and easy which makes it not too difficult for them to reason out why they are just going to do it the next day. Last interesting fact is that there are three types of procrastinators according to Joseph Ferrari Ph. D., one is the Arousal type, these are the type who get the rush when cramming on a task. Second are the Avoiders, these are the types who fear failing and would rather excuse themselves in doing a task. Lastly is the Decisional, they are the ones who cannot decide which task should be tackled first or how how will they tackle the task at hand.

In this edition of Tutorial Tuesdays, we will move a bit from the usual tutorial rundown to showcase to you guys some amazing and insightful videos that can help you combat procrastination and turn it around with these amazing videos.

How to Stop Procrastinating



Vik Nithy’s is one person that you should watch, apart from being able to start 3 companies before reaching the age of 21. In such a young age it is very interesting to hear what he has to say on why do people procrastinate and how to tackle procrastination.


AsapSCIENCE explains to us what procrastination and the science behind it. They also introduced the idea of using the Pomodoro technique in order to win over procrastination.


Funny and very thoughtful, Wellcast has made a tongue and cheek approach in procrastination. The video also talked about 3 simple but effective ways on how one can beat procrastination.


In this lengthy but thoughtful video, Stefan Molyneux offers some very interesting points on why do we procrastinate and tips on how to stop procrastinating.

Are you guys feeling ready to work after this post? Tell us what are your ways in dealing with procrastination and how you turn it around in the comments section below.