Infographic: Continuing and New Design Trends in 2015

by . January 15th, 2015

Now that it’s 2015, let us take a look at design trends that shined in 2014 and brood over the trends that should either continue to flourish or cease to exist. Together, let’s predict and welcome new trends hinted by the past year.

2014 was a year for high-quality and elegant design.

We saw how huge images paired with beautiful typography make tasteful websites. As users these days become more visual, this trend is simply a perfect treat. Flat design was probably the biggest trend player last year. We are witnesses to major logo redesigns by big companies such as Airbnb, The Hershey Company, Netflix, and Pizza Hut that lean towards flat design. The trend even evolved and gave birth to “semi-flat” design that combined flat elements with realistic effects — a style that is most prominent in Google’s Material Design.

As design trends are always changing, we are looking forward for new interesting styles to emerge and develop this year. There are predictions like magical realism, hand-drawn illustrations, background video, and cinemagraphs to become design trends in 2015. Know more about each of these trends through the infographic below. Which of these trends will reign this year?


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[infographic via Coastal Creative Reprographics]