Infographic: Shutterstock’s Color Trends 2014

by . September 28th, 2014

Shutterstock’s new infographic dives into finding which colors are trending for this year through their new infograhic, Color Trends.

We know that red represents courage but it can also be associated with anger and blood. So it’s interesting when a nation chooses to douse its national flag in red. So that begs the question: why would a country risk choosing a color that can be associated with something so negative?

As it turns out, every corner of the world has its own favorite color. And while trends do change (and who knows what colors were dominant back then), it’s still quite possible that red was simply the color in fashion when the nations in question were designing their flags. Take Africa, for example; a continent of many countries yet their flags are bound by one color — green.

Color trends can be complicated, especially when you’re trying to understand its impact on a global scale. But don’t fret; Shutterstock’s new infographic holds the answer.

Shutterstock recently published an infographic that showcases which colors were trending this year. Shutterstock has analyzed which colors are often picked out by their users. They’ve done so by using data they’ve accumulated from 40 million images in their collection plus the 400 million all-time downloads. Shutterstock’s search tools, Palette and Spectrum, played a huge role in this as both tools use color to find and filter images depending on the preference set by the user.

Check out the full infogrpahic below to learn more about the color trends for 2014 created by Shutterstock:



The findings from the accumulated data was then presented in the form of a neat infographic, Color Trends. The infographic showcases which colors are used by regions — as well as the increase or decrease in preference of each one. Not only that, it also features the top colors used by various countries and the frequency of usage.

Suprisingly to say, the use of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, just increased by 20% compared to the color green’s 81%. It is interesting to see what colors are often used country to country. For China, Argentina, and Russia, pink was the color of choice. Green was the preferred choice in North America and some parts of Europe.


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Source: Shutterstock