Infographic: Web Design Trends of 2014

by . December 2nd, 2014

Gone are the days when web designers had to use every possible effect such as animated gifs or blinking text to catch the attention of the users. These days, those kinds of design elements are frowned upon as they are neither pleasing to the eyes nor user-friendly.

Gratefully, a number of design trends has passed as web designers had to grow and keep up with the continuing changes in the technology we use to connect online. Designers have developed web pages that cater more to user-experience as they lean toward minimalism, readability, and ease-of-use. As users also crave for more engagement, modern designers crafted web pages that have call-to-action features such as email newsletter signups or social media sharing buttons.

As always in this ever-evolving online platform, some design trends came hand-in-hand with several issues. Although Infinite Scrolling websites may display a handful of information that keep users a bit longer on a page, some users may be irritated with jumpy pages as more design elements continuously load. While fixed elements keep vital information within a user’s peripherals, it may also block some of the page’s content — a problem that commonly occurs with fixed share buttons.

It is certain that web designers should evolve along with the technological innovations through the coming years. They must continuously use their wit and creativity to address the web design problems that will come in time. Featured below is an infographic showing the various web design trends of 2014. Which among these trends do you think should continue to flourish and which should cease to exist?


[Infographic via WhoIsHostingThis?.]