Innovative and Creative Uses of Postcards

by . September 3rd, 2012

Last updated on November 18th, 2022

Postcards have gone a long way these days. The humble postcard is not just used as a simple greeting card or advertising material. This small piece of print can now be used for many purposes, more than just sending out a message. Over the years, the usage of postcards has expanded due to different innovations and changing needs of people and businesses.

Creating postcards is good for many more useful things. You just need some unique ideas and some creativity to maximize these cards’ usage. And to further help you out with this, here are some new and fun ways of using your custom printed postcards:

Art Prints

Postcards can be your art gallery. You can paste it on your walls and make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Cards with colorful themes and images can create giant photo mosaics.

A photo mosaic of Elvis Presley using various postcards. (Source)

Telling a Story

Use postcards as an effective way of telling a story. A series of postcards can be a unique way of telling stories in a simplified format.


Series of postcards telling the Adventures of Hobo and Sailor. (Source)

Day-to-day Communication

You shake up the common way of communicating in your office through the use of postcards. Instead of sending out memos for an emergency meeting, you may just send out your postcards to your employees.

A set of Memo Postcard that can be a nice companion for day to day communication at the office. (Source)

Travel Journal

Keeping important travel memories will be at ease using postcards. You may buy them in every place you visit. When you get home, you can make a small notebook/scrapbook where you place all your travel postcards.


Finished product of a tutorial on how to make a vintage travel journal out of travel postcards. (Source)


Most postcards are designed in a very creative manner. Some are using these small prints as an art canvas. These artistic postcards can be your inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Fine Art postcards of Venice via

Fine Art postcards of Venice featuring the drawings of the young Venetian artist Noemí Carrau Gual. (Source)

James Jean XOXO 30 Postcards via

 XOXO 30 Postcards showcasing art pieces of James Jean (Source)


Special themed postcards can also be used as decorations. You may use photo postcards for your scrapbooking activity. You can also use special holiday cards as decorations for your Christmas tree.

Postcards from other countries being decorated along the side walls next to a restaurant in Malaysia. (Source)

Place them in an Exhibit

If you have a huge collection of postcards especially those that are unique and rare, you can place them in an exhibit or might as well sell them.

RCA Secret Postcard Exhibition via

The Royal College of Art in London organized a unique exhibition and sale of almost 3,000 original, postcard-sized artworks made by various artists. (Source)

The use of postcards can be maximized if you just go out of the box and explore new and exciting ideas. That is why keeping your postcards is a good hobby. You just don’t preserve precious memories but also create new and useful things out of them.

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