Interview with Giulio Costanzo of Firebrain Inc.

by . July 21st, 2009

Even if you haven’t heard of Firebrain, there is no doubt that you have seen their work with clients like Motown, Geffen Music, Dreamworks, Vans, Metallica, Toyo Tires and the list goes on! Because Firebrain often works with UPrinting for printing services, we were able to score a great interview with the company’s founder, Giulio Costanzo.


You the Designer: Tell us about Firebrain Inc. What services do you offer?

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): We are a full service design agency. We recently partnered with a marketing agency in Pasadena, California. So, we do print and web design, as well as traditional and internet marketing. We specialize in the music, movie, and automotive aftermarket.

You the Designer: What is the history behind your company?

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): I have a degree in painting, and went to work For Motown Records out of College.

I then went to work in the Records Industry until 1998. My claim to fame was designing Eazy-E’s last album, as well as all the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony albums, Social Distortion, Chaka Khan, among others. I founded Firebrain in 2000 or so, but we didn’t finally incorporate until three years ago. We have always kept on top of developing technologies and new opportunities for our clients. So we pride ourselves in being up to date.

You the Designer: Do you have a corporate vision that you might care to share with our readers?

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): Our vision in the future is to become a full-service Ad Agency for the Los Angeles area. Clients expect more than just design; they want ideas, designs and proven strategies.

You the Designer: As someone who studied painting and ended up going into graphic design and advertising, you have a unique perspective to share. What kind of advice can you give to our readers who are just finding themselves as artistic professionals?

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): Be patient. It is a long career; you have to pay your dues. I learned Photoshop 2.0 and Quark 1.0. I had it easy. Nowadays between print, web, animation, traditional marketing, advertising, social networking, creative suite, web software, after effects, not to mention a basic knowledge of programming, there are so many things. You can’t be a professional in all of them, but you need to have a basic understanding.

You the Designer: As the head of your agency, what do you look for in hiring a new designer?

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): First off I look for young people. They have all the ideas, even if they don’t know it. I look for excitement, and attention to detail. Talent is secondary. I can teach someone only if they want to learn. It isn’t fun to work with people who aren’t excited to create or make a product successful. Clients don’t want to interact with a grump, someone who isn’t part of the team. .

Life should be enjoyable, as a lot of our life is our work. Young people need to learn to be a part of a team, to make friends and network. Many designers treat their friends and family with such love (hopefully), but treat co-workers horribly and clients like they are a big pain. Yet designers spend more time at work than anywhere else, and our clients make our lives possible. I love my clients. They bought the house I live in. I admire my clients for starting businesses, taking chances, and letting me be a part of their innovation. I have clients who are completely self-made and it’s exciting to be a part of that.

You the Designer: That’s amazing! I think it’s quite admirable that you take such a helpful and supportive approach towards your clients.

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): Thanks! That’s our company approach – to be part of our client’s team and be the solution for their success.

You the Designer: In closing, would mind sharing with our readers your favorite Firebrain project thus far.

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): There’s so many but I would have to say the art campaign and show preparation / marketing for a Metallica benefit concert.


You the Designer: Thank you so much Giulio!

Giulio (Firebrain Inc): Thank you. It was fun!

For more information, check out the Firebrain website.


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