Introducing the New Look of You The Designer

by . June 4th, 2013

A couple of days ago, we finally unveiled the “awesome” new look of You The Designer. What you are currently seeing is the result of almost two months of brainstorming and research to give you a brand new experience in exploring the world of creativity and design. This major makeover include various changes on the blog’s layout, navigation, identity and more. This is one step forward in putting YTD to the next level, a one-stop resource of creative ideas for creatives by creatives.

The new YTD

What’s New?

Its been years since we had a major redesign of the blog. The new YTD introduces new features, major changes in navigation and layout and a stronger branding and identity – all packed in one responsive website.

A Graphic Design Lifestyle Blog

With this new look, YTD will transform into not just your ordinary graphic design blog, sharing a run-down of enticing images and links but will be talking more about the creative process behind every amazing project and a peek at how it is done by various designers and artists in different creative fields as a part of their lifestyle. Although we will still give you inspirational collections and showcases from time to time, the new YTD will focus more on interviews, tips, news, updates and useful resources that will not just inspire but also motivate our readers to try them out and help them conceive their next awesome creative projects.

Layout and Navigation

The new YTD is a combination of magazine and blog style layout. We included a much bigger slider right after the header where four featured posts are displayed, each incorporated with high resolution images enticing enough to make each viewer to discover more. Upon opening the site, 12 of the latest posts are displayed with high quality featured images for you to quickly spot on posts that best interest you. We replaced the pagination feature with a single button below the posts allowing you to show more content in a single click or touch. The menu is still above in line with the logo but now more organized and specific.


The New You The Designer


Each post page has a featured banner image in high resolution giving you idea of the content and the awesomesauce you’ll ¬†get when you read through.


Post Page


Logo, Branding and Identity

Another major change we have incorporated on the new design is our new logo for a stronger branding and identity. We finally created a logotype for the blog, a wordmark which is more unique and memorable. The graphic element depicting a folded paper strip symbolizes the idea that every creative process starts at a piece of paper. We always believe that all awesome creative projects were born through sketches and notes on paper. That’s why the overall theme of the blog follows the “paper folded” style.


You The Designer


In terms of color, we retained the orange shade from the previous design and combined with some shades of gray for a cleaner look. We place the content above a white background for better readability.


Color Palette


We also use a new set of typefaces including Proxima Nova for the content and Jura for header and navigation text while BauhausC for the text on the logo.

Responsive Design

The new YTD is optimized for browsing in multiple devices, from PC’s and laptops to tablets and smartphones. Whatever devices you use, you’ll get the same look and quality as browsing in your desktop computers. The only differences include the size of the images and text, number of posts on the homepage and slider visibility varies depending on the size of your screen display. The responsiveness of the website is giving you more ways to access the blog, making you stay creatively inspired and updated anytime and anywhere.


Responsive YTD


We still have a long way to go. We will continue updating this design in the coming weeks to give you the better experience you need. As of the moment, we are still making some bug fixes and adjustments so feel free to shoot us a message when you spotted some errors. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this new design. Leave us a message by commenting below and help us improve this new breakthrough. Thank you guys for the continuous support!



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