Karin: Cute Monsters Are Invading Your Dinnerware

by . March 29th, 2016

Adorable monstrosities are coming to invade your kitchen table.


Singapore-based illustrator Karin Khoo continues the hand-drawn artistry and centuries-old tradition of porcelain but with a mischievous twist. She created artful dinnerware that is sure to spice up your kitchen experience.

Karin: Monster Platter Dinnerware is a series of four 9” porcelain plates decorated with hand-drawn monster designs. These plates uses the on-glaze technique and are fired at high temperature resulting to great strength and versatility enough for both everyday use and just special occasions.

This collection consist of four different designs with equally unique names: Beautiful Monstro`city, The Pink Diamond, Yeti the Boss, and Cheeky Little Wonders.



In their Kickstarter page, creator Karin Khoo lamented on the current dining experience. “Designer dinnerwares are often so costly that none of us will even dare think of owning any. We gave this a long thought and wanted to give our home dining experience a facelift it deserves.”

The dinnerware’s details coupled with the elegance and durability of porcelain indeed creates an unexpected twist but honors the porcelain tradition and even crafting it on location, in Guangxi, China.

“No more chipped off, scratched, color-running dinnerwares, no more paper plates for your dinner guests, no more boring generic designs. We want to be part of your daily dinner smiles and laughter. We want to bring joy over your dinner table. We want to reignite your home dining experience today!” she adds.

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For more details, check out their Kickstarter page here.

What monster would you like to see on your dinner plate? Comment below!


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