Keep Fresh, Stay Rad Typography Cards by Friends of Type

by . August 25th, 2014

These postcards are not only bold, refreshing, and every bit a dream come true for every typography fan; they certainly beat the generic Hallmark card out of the competition.

It’s a great week to be a typography fan because after the typography calendar, Friends of Type has recently released their Keep Fresh, Stay Rad postcard box set. The designs from the group’s website were neatly collated and printed by Princeton Architectural Press.  The postcard set is a collection of work from their website.


Friends of Type are comprised of Aaron Carambula, Dennis Payongayong, Erik Marinovich, and Jason Wong. They’re designers working in different agencies who developed the Friends of Type website as a personal work outlet. They draw inspiration from various things such as graffiti, calligraphy, comics, 80’s pop culture, hip-hop, and punk band logos.


The cards are neatly and categorically arranged from positive messages, birthdays, and to pop culture references. From birthday greetings to Valentine’s to slogans, the postcards are vibrant and hilariously subversive. With gorgeous typography work, it comes as no surprise that it blows the regular postcards out of the water any day. Whoever receives them would proudly tack them on a wall rather than keep them in a drawer.


Apart from the postcards, the box set also includes a 24-page mini-zine where in the group shares their thoughts and creative wisdom to inspire other creatives. The zine also details the group’s processes, work, as well as inspiration. Keep Fresh, Stay Rad is priced at $19.95 — which not only makes it an extremely good deal, that makes these postcards a must-have. They’re ideal gifts for any typography fan out there.

Folks who are interested in purchasing Keep Fresh, Stay Rad postcards can get it at Chronicle Books  or pre-order it at Friends of Type Shop.