Kiwis Presented With 40 Designs For New Zealand National Flag

by . August 12th, 2015

The government of New Zealand published a list of 40 designs to let the Kiwis decide their next national flag.


Current New Zealand Flag. Photo credit: Christoph Strässler 

According to their government website, since the 1960s, “suggestions for alternative flag designs have been put forward from time to time, but until now there has never been an official public discussion to consider the flag.”

The current flag of New Zealand was created in 1902. It is a blue ensign of the Union Jack flag defaced with four red stars representing the constellation Crux, the Southern Cross.

By New Zealand law, the flag can be changed by a Parliament majority vote, but the government decided that the design should be voted upon by their constituents.

All in all, the panel Flag Consideration Project Panel reviewed 10,292 submissions for the flag design. The public gallery was open to millions of Kiwis, both inland and overseas.

The panel announced an official list of 40 designs. In mid-September the Panel will announce the 4 alternatives which will be ranked in the first binding referendum.

Check out some of the flag designs below:

Unity-Koru-Paul-Densem-FINAL-FINAL Embrace-RebBlue-2by3-FINAL-FINAL Pax-Zwanikken-Tukutuku-FINAL Huihui-SNIP 2170-kyle-lockwood-silver-fern-nz-flag-final-cr-3 10.-Dave-Sauvage-Finding-Unity-in-Community-FINAL 37.-Sven-Baker-Southern-Cross-Horizon 12.-Dominic-Carroll-Inclusive 30754-nz-flag-final114 Frizzell-flag-finalcurve Sven

What is noticeable with all the designs is the commonality of the elements, the Southern Cross and the Maori koru (young fern loop), doing away with the Union Jack and making the New Zealand flag entirely Kiwi.

Sadly, one of the best Kiwi flag designs was left off the official list.



Check out the rest of the official list of 40 flag designs here.

Which flag design did you like best? Comment your choice below!



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