Koreanized Western Fairy Tales by Wooh Na Young

by . August 29th, 2015

We’ve all seen fairy tales, especially Disney princesses, get reimagined all the time by artists as their creative exercise.

We’ve seen an Egyptian Megara, a Snow White with a bad hair day, a velociraptor Elsa and Anna and even a Cinderella with a period stain on her dress.


Philosoraptor approves! (via Laura Cooper)

Sometimes, I wonder if Buzzfeed has a whole floor of artists just reimagining fairy tales. Well here’s another reimagination of Western fairy tales all the way from the Land of the Morning Calm.

Seoul-based artist Wooh Na Young, better known as Obsidian, created a fusion of Western fairy tale characters with traditional Korean elements in her modern manhwa illustrations.

Fairy tale characters such as Alice, Belle, and Snow White were transported to Ancient Korea clad in the traditional Korean clothing hanbok.

While this writer thinks that there is too much fairy tale reimagination in the illustration community today which in turn says something about some artists’ imagination, let’s have room for one more.

Check out the rest of her Koreanized illustrations below. Can you name them all?


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Here’s to hoping for an SNSD version.

Wooh Na Young is a freelance illustrator from Seoul, Korea. Check out her website and her Facebook page.

Did you name them all? Comment below!


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