Los Angeles Unveils Logo For 2024 Olympics Bid

by . February 20th, 2016

One week after Paris, Los Angeles unveils its own logo for their 2024 Olympics and Paralympics bid.

The logo features a polychrome angelic figure soaring with the sun and its rays shining on her chest. Citing the sun as the symbol for hope, change, and future, Los Angeles invites the world to “follow the sun” into the City of Angels.

LA 2024 chairman Casey Wasserman said in a statement “Everyday people follow the sun to our city in pursuit of their dreams, spurring unprecedented creativity, innovation and progress.”

[pullquote]We’re inviting the world to Follow the Sun to California in 2024, to join us in LA for an Olympic and Paralympic Games that signal the dawn of a new era for the Olympic Movement.[/pullquote]

The logo was designed by agency 72andSunny and LA firm Bruce Mau Design. It was unveiled last February 16 in downtown Los Angeles in an event attended by over 100 Olympians and Paralympians.

los angeles 2024


If Los Angeles wins the bid, they would create a new logo for the games themselves. Which is a good thing because this might just be one of the worst Olympic Games branding I’ve seen.

The logo reminds me of a fairy, not an angel. Tinkerbell, if you may. The colors are also a drastic change from the usually vibrant colors of the logo, opting instead for gradients reminiscent of the setting sun. That isn’t really upbeat, is it?

You can visit the official Los Angeles 2024 Olympics bid here.

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