Lumino City’s Beautifully Handcrafted Paper Adventure Game

by . December 16th, 2014

While most premiere game studios around the world are spending millions of dollars to develop a kick-ass game, The State Of Play—a small game studio based in Londonis focusing more on innovation by using unusual materials to create a game… and we think the gamble is actually paying off.

Lumino City is a beautifully handcrafted adventure game that showcases a brilliant graphical execution. The game brilliantly combines mind-boggling game objectives and puzzle challenges. This gorgeous game offers a unique perspective and experience mainly because the whole setting was built using real world materials like paper and cardboard that were crafted to perfection as seen on the game trailer.

Lumino City – Official Trailer
from State of Play on Vimeo.
It was filmed, photographed, and set to motion through codes over the course of three years. The team behind this brilliant game consists of unusual members such as an architect, photographer, and a model maker. Together, they created an intricate world showcasing a 10-foot-tall paper city with miniature houses, gardens, and an 8-foot-tall water wheel at the center.

[pullquote] “I was enjoying the process so much at the beginning that I joked that I could work on this for three years,” says creative director Luke Whittaker, who originally estimated it would take a little over a year to complete the game. “I had no idea it would actually come true.”[/pullquote]




The game is a sequel to the award-winning game Lume—a short puzzle adventure gamewhich the company also created back in 2011. Lume’s general plot revolves around an adventurous girl, Lumi, who solves a series of puzzle challenges to restore power to her grandfather’s house. In the sequel, Lumi finds herself searching for her missing grandfather.



Explore the wilderness of the city by finding clues and solving puzzles to get through challenges and help the people who live in the city. Every stage is a wonderful discovery waiting to happen. You gotta love the charming animation, superb execution, and the interactivity this game has to offer.



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[pullquote]To others it probably just looks like a large bit of wood, spinning,” he says. “But to me it was almost literally a dream coming true.[/pullquote]

Can’t wait to grab a copy now? You can get the game on their webiste here and it’s also available on Steam and Gog. What do you think about this game? Share us your thoughts on the comments below. Stick around for more creative stuff. Cheers!


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