Nifty Map Posters to Zombie-Free Haven

by . October 7th, 2014

Planning for the impending zombie apocalypse? These map posters by Design Different are not only informative and a perfect companion during the awakening of the dead, they also hang nicely on the office wall.

While the possibility of a zombie apocalypse is debatable, these safe havens in Design Different’s Zombie Safe Zone are not. In fact the places featured in these posters are known national parks across the world. The Zombie Safe Zone poster is a clever fusion of zombie-culture-meets-environmentalism-meets-infographic. The series features parks — some of which are the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in San Francisco, Paris’ Ecrins National Park, Moose River Plains in New York, and Hoge Veluwe National Park among others.


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The handcrafted maps feature basic instructions and the miles that one has to cover in order to reach the area.  Apart from that, they feature the overall area, water sources, peaks, temperatures on its highest and lowest, and the endemic fauna that can be found in the park. While there is no impending zombie apocalypse looming at the moment, the Zombie Safe Zone posters are perfect to give that otherwise bland wall a bit of character. The posters are available in various sizes and colors depending on your preference. You can order the Zombie Safe Zone posters via Design Different’s shop or in Etsy.


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Design Different is a Canadian one-man army design studio owned and operated by Ryan McArthur. If you want to learn more about Design Different, you can check out the website here. What do you guys think? Do share your thoughts at the comments section below!