May The Fourth Be With You: The Influence of Star Wars in Our Daily Lives

by . May 4th, 2012

“IT’S A TRAP” — Well that’s a fairly old quote from our most beloved Admiral Ackbar of the Rebel Alliance, but it’s still as relevant today as it was in his flagship, Home One. Now, more than letting his Rebel fleet know that it’s a trap, Admiral Ackbar’s patented, trademarked, and copyrighted line serves different purposes for occasions that we feel like “It’s a Trap!”

Enough of our great Mon Calamari admiral and move on to the main reason why we’re blessing one another with fourths today – Star Wars! This movie may not be the first Space Opera released on any media, but I’m certain that it’s up in any sci-fi/fantasy geek’s list of favorite films. It’s a classic, it’s one of the first films where our generation saw lightsabers and laser guns. It has certainly influenced us in a variety of ways, and shaped the industry we work in today.

As budding designers, we’ve used Star Wars (and other films/TV shows) as our main source of inspiration while building up our portfolio and learning the tricks of the trade. If you’re not convinced enough, or you’re one of those fellas who are gifted in the arts, you can check Behance, Flickr, or just Google the evidence.

Star Wars Poster Design 01

Star Wars Poster Design 02 

Star Wars Poster Design 03 

Star Wars’ influence isn’t just limited to the design and film industry. It has also touched Advertising and Marketing. If you haven’t seen an advertisement featuring, or at least, referencing Star Wars, Here are some of them:





It’s also worthy to note how people, especially fans, consider George Lucas a great entrepreneur. He basically founded at least four major companies in the filmmaking industry, and each one has handled at least one film a year since their creation.


Of course, more than the film’s influence in the commercial side of things, it has also influenced and became part of daily pop culture. There are more than a hundred references to Star Wars in almost any media – from films, video games, music, and web comics.


XKCD strip 01


XKCD Strip 02



We’re almost living and breathing Star Wars in our everyday lives, from fan art movie poster prints to references and catchphrases that are used every day. Though the first Star Wars film was made almost four decades ago, its legacy will live on in us and in every commercial endeavor George Lucas enters. May the Fourth be with us!

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