New Branding for the City of Canberra

by . December 7th, 2013

How does logo help a city to renew the people’s perception? How can a city be encapsulated in a simple image? In this post we are going to look at the newest branding of the city of Canberra.

Canberra is Australia’s capital with almost 400,000 people residing as well as their main industries which are politics and public service that gives the people the notion that Canberra is a pretty dull place. On top of that, many people especially those who haven’t been to Australia haven’t heard of the city.

Branding New Logo

To solve this, the city of Canberra created a branding solution which lead to the city’s logo. The branding project was funded by the Australian Capital Territory while the logo was designed by Coordinate a local agency. Brand Canberra is a 2.6 million dollar project which aimed change on how the people perceive the city.

Branding New Logo

The Canberra logo is abbreviated and is made out of letters C, B and R forming blocks in it. The letters also stand for Confident, Bold and Ready. While the logo strongly resembles the logo of Melbourne City it differs in terms of the color that is going to be applied. According to their website the logo is just a part of a larger project to build a stronger, cohesive and a much unique position for their city. Brand Canberra also explains why did they need a new branding and asks the locals to get themselves involved. It is said that the new branding experience will be on all city related materials this coming March 2014.

Branding New Logo

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What do you guys think? Do you think the output of the branding project represents the city of Canberra very well? Share to us your thoughts about this post at the comments below!

Image Credits: Brand Canberra