UPDATED: Wait A Minute! There Is A New Google Logo?

by . September 10th, 2013

No one saw it coming but it seems that Yahoo’s arch rival, Google did something with their logo too. Let’s take a look at the change.

It seems that Yahoo isn’t the only who changed their logo apparently their biggest competitor which is Google did it too. Unlike Yahoo, Google did not do an extreme makeover with their logo. In fact Google just did some minor tweaking for the new Google logo and that is by taking off the bevel it has sported since 2010.

Here is a logo comparison of the new Google logo versus the old one:Old and New Google Logo

(Source: Ars Technica)

The new Google logo sports a sleeker design with its flat look thus making it uniform to its design format. The flat look logo will definitely go hand in hand with Google’s design guidelines for their visual identity.

On our post about Google’s design guidelines, the company explicitly showed their love for a flat design. The guideline was spearheaded by Art Director Christopher Bettig and Senior Graphic Designer Christopher Bettig together with fellow designers Alex Griendling, Jefferson Cheng, Yan Yan and Zachary Gibson.

While most designers will be happy with the change, Google won’t be using the flat logo anytime soon. The new logo is not supposed to be released yet since the new logo was just used for the latest version of Chrome Beta for Android.

A post by The Verge about it says: “A person familiar with Google’s branding tells The Verge that this is not a replacement for the company’s traditional logo. Instead, the flatter design is used in instances where the beveled logo may not display well — such as on printed banners or other corporate use cases.” Unfortunately, the new logo was eventually pulled out about by the company where it first appeared.

UPDATE 9/19/2013

As it turns out it’s not only the logo that is having a minor face-lift but the Google homepage itself. We are not sure if this is official since when we opened Google on another browser it still retains the old look (the one at the bottom). In a recent article from the lovely folks of TechCrunch, Google did try to change the navigation bar before despite the official announcement but later decided to drop the whole thing.


UPDATE: 9/20/2013

Google has officially announced the new update with the newer and sleeker navigation bar. According to Eddie Kessler, Google’s Tech Lead and Manager they wanted to make things seamless for their users. They will also now be using the new Google logo and will be rolling it out soon.

Do you think the new Google logo looks better than the old one? Do you think Google should really lose the bevel effect? Do tell us your thoughts at the comments below!