It Went Under our Radar: The New Tumblr Logo

by . February 21st, 2014

It seems like Yahoo wanted logophiles, designers with OCD and fans alike to play some sort of spot the difference game for the new Tumblr logo.

Yahoo the new owner of famed microblogging platform Tumblr, wanted to implement some changes to the website and the brand. But instead of doing it like how they unveiled the new Yahoo logo, they have decided that they will do this one in a rather discreet fashion. Which is why there was not so much of a buzz about the new Tumblr logo. The microblogging site’s new logo underwent some subtle redesigns but upon closer inspection on the new Tumblr logo one can see the many changes that was done. At some point we felt that the subtlety of the redesign is made so as to not anger the millions of users using the acclaimed platform. For those who can remember, Yahoo’s logo redesign proved to be unsuccessful in terms of positive feedback to the new logo but in terms of hype or at least being talked about again Yahoo pretty much did a fine job.


Source: Unwrapping Tumblr

At first glance the new Tumblr logo looks like it was just thickened a little bit but after looking at it closely one can see the many changes that was done to the logo. The first noticeable change and most likely to lead a huge debate among logo designers and aficionados is the chopped serif of the letter “u”. Another noticeable change is the shortened tail of the letter “t”. The serif on the letter “r” was given a more pronounced and rounder end. With the letters given a thicker profile the new Tumblr logo now looks more solid and compact. While it is far from being considered to be the perfect iconic logo, the new Tumblr logo was generally welcomed with a collective nod from their users.

While the new Tumblr logo may not have the hype just as much as the Yahoo and the Google logo redesigns one thing is for certain, the subtle changes did made the logo easier to read for most people. For those who are interested about the new logo and how it will be used can head for the jump.

Source: Unwrapping Tumblr, Brand New & Tumblr