Olly Moss Designs Harry Potter Ebook Covers For Pottermore

by . December 12th, 2015

When someone mentions negative space, the first designer that comes to mind would be Olly Moss.


Olly Moss’ Star Wars Original Trilogy Posters

He did reinvent the movie poster as a form of art. His genius use of negative space catapulted his career into legendary status.

Now, he is taking on the Harry Potter book covers.

Interactive Harry Potter website Pottermore from author J. K. Rowling commissioned Olly Moss to create the covers for the ebook version of the Harry Potter series. Olly, being a Potterhead himself, eagerly jumped at the chance.


In an interview with the website, he said “Harry Potter has always been my favourite. I skipped Philosopher’s Stone because I was being a weird snob about it – I was ten. Then by the time Prisoner of Azkaban was out, I remember my mum saying I should read them. We were going on holiday and she bought Azkaban for me, but she got me the adult covers of the first two novels because I was still being a snob.”

He also said that getting J. K. Rowling’s approval was the most terrifying aspect of the brief.

“It must be tough because she has inspired so many people to make so many different things. She must be bombarded with different interpretations of her work all the time so to make something that really stood out as something she enjoyed would be really cool to me.”

With his signature double layer art style, he created covers that draws from the key events of the books and tell more than one story in a single image.

“I like things to have more than one layer. The initial “oh that’s an attractive image” then it’s got a secondary reveal when you look closer. It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed doing.”

It’s easy to miss the detail at first sight. But just like the wizarding world, each mystery has to be uncovered. One could easily see the dedication given by Olly for every detail on the project he tells is a “labour of love”.

“I wouldn’t work on something that I didn’t really love or wasn’t important to me, because I wouldn’t do a good job.”

Check out some of Olly Moss’ Harry Potter ebook covers below:

olly_moss_harry_potter_deathly_hallows harry-potter-olly-moss-philosophers-stone-400x600


harry-potter-olly-moss-prisoner-of-azkaban-409x600 harry-potter-olly-moss-order-of-the-phoenix

For more information, check out Pottermore.

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