These Oscars 2015 Title Cards Are Frigging Awesome!

by . February 25th, 2015

The best part of the Oscars 2015 was the title cards. No question about that.

2-23-2015 10-22-15 PM

It was a treat to the eyes every time the nominees for each of the Oscars categories were presented. With a smooth transition of elements, Henry Hobson featured recognizable objects that represented each movie and created a masterfully executed image of each nominated film.

Henry Hobson is a UK-based graphic designer who worked on the last seven Oscars. Aside from that, he has several award-winning graphic design work on movies such as Sherlock Holmes, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Walking Dead and The Last of Us.

“I’ve always been interested in telling a story visually and giving it a sense of thrill; where you slowly bring the characters to life and reveal their true selves,” says Henry.

“I try to put in hidden secrets within spots so that viewers can watch them time and again. They can explore and find new elements that excite them,” he says. “Even if the audience doesn’t realize those little aspects the first time, it’s subconscious: it’s just knowing that something is there.”

Check out the title sequences for the Best Picture category right here:

2-23-2015 10-22-15 PM 2-23-2015 10-22-42 PM 2-23-2015 10-23-45 PM 2-23-2015 10-24-07 PM 2-23-2015 10-25-12 PM 2-23-2015 10-26-42 PM 2-23-2015 10-26-59 PM 2-23-2015 10-27-27 PM

Check out the animated video here:

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