Would You Take It? Axe’s Pheromones Infused Business Cards

by . May 24th, 2014

Looks like Axe is pulling a new stunt and this one doesn’t involve a hundred women running after a man like their ads used to. Instead Axe has decided to pull out something out of the ordinary and placed them in their business cards.

If you think that Axe’s “Axe Effect” of getting the ladies attention by just wearing their body spray to be ridiculous then this one is might weird you out and probably gross you out. A lot. This time with the help of Union a Toronto-based advertising agency, Axe has decided to ditch the hundred women running after a guy treatment and go after business cards with a twist.

The twist? As it turns out the twist is by infusing the individual Axe business cards of the Axe’s employees with their (the same Axe employees) own pheromones with a bit of scent. Imagine you are an employee of Axe and your boss told you that they will be putting a concentrated sweat or rather a scent in your business card. Afterwards you then tell people or give them a hint that this business card is infused with you. Axe and Union proudly calls their new campaign the “Pheromone Business Cards”.


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Sounds freaky? Pretty much yes, but Axe is betting that this would help any guy’s chance to score with the ladies. Apart from that Axe thinks that the people they are targeting would identify themselves with the business cards in the first place. While the idea of infusing a business card with a bit of yourself is somewhat unorthodox we here think that the process is still useful. Granted as long as one don’t infuse sweat or any bodily fluids in it.

The process could be used to infuse business cards with much more pleasant fluids to take the whole business cards experience on an ambient level. Do you think it would help the design of a business card if it is infused with essence of fruits? How about the essence of tea or coffee? Or the essence of freshly cut grass? What do you guys think? Does Axe and Union’s Pheromone infused business card something you’d do? Tell us your thoughts at the comments below!

Source: VimeoAdweek & FastCompany