Pokémon Branding—Pokemon Reimagined as Companies

by . March 6th, 2015

We all live in a Pokémon world!

Who didn’t grow up imagining Pokémon were real and wanted to befriend or even battle with them? I sure as heck did. But how would the design world be different?

San Francisco-based design shop Pictogram showcased a corporate “what if?” where Pokémon were reimagined as corporate entities. With the real world taking animals as their logos, Pokémon don’t seem such as stretch.

In its narrative, Pictogram’s Pokémon Branding mentions the Pokemon Corporate Personhood Act of 2015 spearheaded by Professor Oak, which mandated the design of Pokémon brand identities.

Check out the rest of Pokémon Branding here:

zubat ekans

beedrillpika  cubone bulba charmander electa oddish pidgey ditto tentacool kakuna

Pictogram is a design shop based in the San Francisco’s Mission District, specializing in excellent user interface design for all current platforms as well as several other unique multidisciplinary projects. Visit the rest of their work here.

How would you live in a Pokémon world? Comment below!



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