PokéPalettes — Pokémon Color Combinations For Your Palette Needs

by . August 7th, 2015

The next time you get into an artistic block and can’t, for the life of you, think of a good looking color palette…

…Wynaut Pokémon?

Well, that was — 



Corny Pokémon puns aside, Pokémon has some of the best color combinations I’ve ever seen.

A lot of thought is poured into designing and illustrating varying creatures from the tiny mice to the towering mythical creatures of the world of Pokémon. Each color then is a product of much deliberation on what colors work and what doesn’t.


PokéPalettes collected each Pokémon’s colors and created a bar graph illustrating how much of the color is in each pocket monster’s design. The dominant colors fills the whole background.

Aside from that, the site also includes the hex code of each color, useful for the Pokémon enthusiast who is also a graphic designer.

Check out some of the Pokémon color combinations below:

lugia espeon char

pika wamp


lato latia

Unfortunately, the palettes does not include their shiny counterparts only goes up to Pokémon #649 Genesect. (There are 721 total of these critters now.)

Which Pokémon has the best color palette? Comment below!


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