Posters Aimed to Encourage Voting for Environment

by . September 6th, 2014

Would tapping the power of art in the form of posters would help make voters vote in this upcoming midterm elections? Patagonia thinks so.

Posters had long been used to spread a message, a idea, or an agenda to people. Nowadays, many posters are used to spread word about upcoming events such as talks, underground concerts, and movies. Back in WWII, most posters are used to inspire soldiers, strengthen the and country’s morale, and—in a way—is also used to help boost the economy despite the trying times.


One company aims to use posters to spread a message; that message is to vote for the environment. Patagonia aims to get people to vote for candidates. Candidates that are for clean, renewable energy — restoring clean water and air and turn away from carbon fuels that contribute to global warming in this upcoming midterm elections. Patagonia believes that in order to be in business for a long time, it is our responsibility to elect people who are committed to solving various environmental issues such as global warming.


With that in mind, Patagonia—in partnership with Creative Action Network (CAN) and Canary Project—launched a crowd-sourced art project that invites artists and designers to create a collection of Vote the Environment posters.



Profits from the project will be divided into three. The artist gets 40%. HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that helps register voters through music, gets 30% while the remaining 30% goes on to help continue funding the project.


For those who would like to contribute their work to Patagonia’s Vote the Environment project, you can look up the guidelines here. Aside from the printed posters, the design collection will also be available in buttons, stickers, and shirts. To know more about the project just hit the jump.

Image source: Vote the Environment