Propaganda Posters Part 1 U.S.A.

by . May 16th, 2008

If you have ever gone to design school, you probably have taken an art history course that covered the topic of ww1 propaganda posters and wwii propaganda posters. The use of propaganda dates back many years, but at the time of these wars the use of posters as propaganda took off to a point where almost every country involved had commissioned graphic designers with the task of creating a vast array of posters.

Propaganda posters were used as a means of justifying involvement in the war to ones countrymen, but also as a means of obtaining new recruits, money and resources to fuel the military campaign.

More Propaganda Posters to Come

Below is a sampling of some of the most popular ww1 propaganda posters and wwii propaganda posters from the United States. We will cover the poster designs of other countries in future posts!

U.S.A. WW1 Propaganda Posters

WW1 propaganda posters were created to convey a variety of messages on topics such as recruitment, bonds and rationing of supplies. The U.S.A. entered World War One in April 1917, but still created many more propaganda posters than any other nation. Below is a sampling of some of the most well known posters.

ww1-propaganda-postersusa7a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa8a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa9a.jpg

ww1-propaganda-postersusa1a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa2a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa3a.jpg

ww1-propaganda-postersusa4a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa5a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa6a.jpg

ww1-propaganda-postersusa10a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa12a.jpg ww1-propaganda-postersusa11a.jpg

U.S.A. WWII Propaganda Posters

WWII propaganda posters were created to convey a variety of messages on topics such as the armed forces, anti-axis, loose lips, women at war, partiotics and war bonds. Below is a sampling of some of the most well known posters.

wwii-propaganda-postersusa1a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa2a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa3a.jpg

wwii-propaganda-postersusa4a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa6a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa5a.jpg

wwii-propaganda-postersusa7a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa8a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa9a.jpg

wwii-propaganda-postersusa10a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa11a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa12a.jpg

wwii-propaganda-postersusa13a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa14a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa15a.jpg

wwii-propaganda-postersusa16a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa17a.jpg wwii-propaganda-postersusa18a.jpg

Which designs are your favorite and which country would you like to see posters from next?


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