Proposed Tokyo 2020 Olympics Logo Fans Plagiarism Flames

by . August 27th, 2015

With the current Tokyo 2020 Olympics receiving flak from a plagiarism case, organizers might just have to look for another logo to use.



Graphic designer Oliver Debie has pointed out the uncanny similarities with the Olympics logo and his design work for the Théâtre de Liège in Belgium.  This is on top of the design debacle and disappointment that plagued the logo since its release, citing the failure of the design to capture the aesthetics Japan is known for.

Kenjiro Sano has since denied the allegations, claiming that the plagiarism case is “completely baseless.”

Whether the Olympics committee will retain the logo or not, graphic designers have uploaded their own iteration. One such redesign seems to capture the internet’s approval.


The fan emblem was created by Spain-based graphic designer @vivakankan

“The folding fan symbolizes good omens in the way it spreads out, and the tool has been used to cheer others on since ancient times. I believe it’s the best design for an Olympic motif and it perfectly captures the Olympic quality of harmony. The theme of ‘Japan (the red suns) being supported by many peoples is also represented in its design,” says the designer.

Internet users have voiced their support for the logo’s use of Japanese symbology.

“It’s more representative of Japan and more visually interesting (and makes more sense) that the boring and generic ‘toy blocks’ design they currently have,” says redditor /u/TERRAOperative.


The Japanese have also voiced their support on the logo. Some of the tweets read:

“If they printed it on real folding fans it could become official Olympic merchandise (・∀・).”

“This is way better than Sano’s funeral-like design. Do they really intend to go through with it, even though he ripped it off?”



Personally, I’m still pushing for the Akira logo.

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