Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing

by . May 2nd, 2013

If you are a designer or artist who rely on your creative work to provide for a living for your family, then you might not settle for just one source of income. Many of us who is a full time employee of a design firm or a large corporation at some point have tried or at least thought of working for freelance, either quitting your daily job and go full time or continue working by day and run your freelance business every weekend. The later worked for me. I work 8 hours a day, five times a week as a regular employee of a company then do some freelance illustration work at night and over the weekends.

Venturing into a freelance business requires a lot of dedication and time management. Yes it is an extra work if you do it part-time but earning more experience and good income by doing the things you are most passionate about is one good reason to stay motivated.

I made a little survey with my designer friends who also do some freelance work and ask them why they enjoy freelancing. Here is a quick summary of their thoughts:


1. Setting your own working hours.


Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing


Time management is important. When you are in freelance you have the full power to set your working hours. Some artists have this “creative hour” at any point of the day, the time they feel most creative. I usually sketch away some awesome concepts for my next illustration project mostly at night after dinner.


2. Be your own boss.


Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing


All decision making are done by you. You basically own a business that is existing based upon your choices. This goes, with choosing your clients and earning a more fulfilling success.


3. Own office space.


Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing


Having your own office space is another good reason to love your freelance work. You don’t have to rent an office space since a small corner at your home will do unless your freelance business is really getting bigger which requires a shop or a building. You can make your own office space as creative and inspiring as possible.


4. Choose your clients.


Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing


As mentioned above, being the boss of your freelance business gives you the full power of saying yes or no to a specific project or client work.


5. Set/Control your own pricing.


Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing


You name your price depending on the project scope, how much time you have to work on it or required creative force you will exert.


6. Work anywhere.


Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing


Do your client conversation in a restaurant. Work on a logo design while relaxing at the park. Write an article while having a vacation in a resort. You pick your own working haven where you feel more inspired and creative.


7. Creative freedom.


Reasons Why Designers Enjoy Freelancing


To top it all, freelancing gives you more creative freedom. Freedom to work on the projects you like, produce great results, experience various client work and creative collaborations, earn and learn.


Freelancing is a matter of taking risks. Projects come and go. But whether you are doing it as part-time or full-time work, the best reason why most enjoy freelancing is the fact that you are doing what you love. Freelance work is not just about earning money but  also achieving self fulfillment by doing the thing you are most passionate about.


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Now it’s your turn! Are you into some freelance work? What’s the most enjoyable part of it?


Share us your thoughts and comments by leaving a message below. Stay creative everyone!