Redesigned: Lipton gets more Lens Flares

by . March 19th, 2014

Lipton, the infamous tea’s logo is getting a new look and with it is a couple of lens flares to the point that it felt like a J.J. Abrams movie.

Lipton, the 40-year old tea brand is giving their 12 year old a real make over in their logo. While there are no big announcements made, the new logo made it’s debut in a Muppets promo during the Superbowl. The new look is somewhat simpler and a whole lot cleaner as compared to the old one.

One of the most obvious things about the new logo is that it sports more lens flares as compared to the old one. The additional lens flares inspired some jokes about Lipton getting J.J. Abrams to design the new logo but with all the J.J. Abrams lens flare joke, the additional lens flare pretty much gave the logo a much more symmetrical look. With the center lens flare gone, the yellow light bleed on the red band in the logo seems like it is going to be taking an indefinite break.


Apart from adding another lens flare and taking away the light bleed, the logo looks a whole lot cleaner after tweaking the opacity of the drop shadow and the making the red outline thinner on the word Lipton. The placement is also changed from the being on the bottom left hand side it is now moved dead smack into the middle in order to support the symmetrical look. Typography-wise the logo’s type choice is friendlier and easier to read.


Despite the cleaner and more organized look of Lipton’s logo one can’t help but see that it looks like the Lay’s logo. Both logos have the same color scheme, same letters to begin with and not to mention almost the same execution.

What do you guys think? Is the new Lipton logo worth keeping or should the company revert back? Share your thoughts!