Silly Sundays: Make My Logo Bigger Cream

by . August 17th, 2014

And other clinically proven design enhancing formulas.

Agency Fusion, a web design and development agency, created the Make My Logo Bigger Cream website featuring fictitious products to cope with the cringe worthy revisions we all endure from our clients.

Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about the painful requests we all endure at the hands of our clients. In fact, five of those beloved demands became the heart and soul of this campaign. And although this video doesn’t do justice to the litany of odd requests we all get, we hope it at least gives you a few minutes of entertainment.

“I want my money’s worth!” – is the ultimate reason by clients who want changes to our beautifully crafted design. As designers, we’ve been asked to make logos bigger, fill up all white space, add unnecessary starburst, work with fluorescent paper, and use bad stock photography.

Laugh your head off with this hilarious and satirical infomercial that pokes fun at some unbelievable requests that designers often get from their clients.

Make My Logo Bigger Cream
Is your “tiny-logo-loving” designer always cramming your beautiful logo into an obscure corner of your ad? Well not anymore!
Use Make My Logo Bigger! Clinically proven logo enhancing formula, now in easy-to-apply cream! Make your logos up to 1000% bigger with its maximum strength!


Whitespace Eliminator
Is your designer wasting valuable space on that expensive ad of yours? Get your money’s worth with Whitespace Eliminator!
Spray away the empty space and fill it with persuasive marketing messages.


Starburst Dust
Are you having a tough time getting your message to your customer?
Yell your message with the amazing Starburst Dust and give more POW and WOW into your layout!


Fluorescencizer (on working with fluorescent paper)
Is your ad campaign stuck with brand-coordinated colors or a tasteful color palette?
Transform your boring subtle use of color into a carnival of attention-grabbing festivities! Use the Fluorescencizer and get your brand noticed!

The Emotionator (on using bad stock photography)
Do your messages lack feeling?
Touch the very soul of your target market with the heartfelt power of The Emotionator. Nothing drives customer loyalty and sales like a real emotional connection to your brand.

Who needs designers when we have all these products that provide answers to every client’s annoying demands? LOL.

We are lucky that these products will never make it to the market. Most clients these days already tend to do the unimaginable to ruin our design, let alone you give them the tools in hand.