Sparkle Backgrounds MADNESS!

by . April 25th, 2008

I’ve been noticing a new trend in graphic design that has been picking up a lot of steam recently. It’s been around for a little while, but now I’m seeing new designs that fall into this category every day. I don’t think I’ve seen such a popular theme for a while! The designs usually have several things in common; A central photo (usually of a person ) surrounded by tons of sparkles, glow effects and other colorful effect such as swirls and lines.

Below you will find some prime examples of this new sparkle backgrounds trend in graphic design. Its hard to pinpoint where things start nowadays due to the shear amount of designers and tutorial sites, but my guess is Fabio Sasso’s three tutorials ( one, two and three ), this Computer Arts tutorial and Chuck Anderson all might have something to do with this outburst of cool designs.

Notice this trend? Start this trend? Got work like this? Show and tell us in the comments!

sparkle-backgrounds1.jpg sparkle-backgrounds2.jpg

sparkle-backgrounds3.jpg sparkle-backgrounds4.jpg

sparkle-backgrounds5.jpg sparkle-backgrounds6.jpg

sparkle-backgrounds7.jpg sparkle-backgrounds8.jpg

sparkle-backgrounds9.jpg sparkle-backgrounds10.jpg

sparkle-backgrounds11.jpg sparkle-backgrounds12.jpg

sparkle-backgrounds13.jpg sparkle-backgrounds14.jpg


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