Webdesign Wednesday – Stunning example of a design agency website

by . June 11th, 2014

Just when you thought the web could no longer surprise us, here’s a stunning example of a design agency website. It’s nothing new to say that the web has been falling into a pattern of web design sameyness. It’s not surprising. Responsiveness is a must, considering how keen people are on using internet on their mobiles. Everyone’s been going responsive and – responsive websites have a certain look to them. There are terrific articles that take a more in depth crack as to why that’s so.  So sometimes, when I see a really delightful desktop experience – it’s really difficult to not go out of your way to share it.

Letters, Inc. is a Japanese 6-People Design Agency that really packs the punch with their sense of aesthetics and ability to ‘wow’ the audience with both their coding skills and aesthetics. The website has a black and white palette with clear cut lines, excellent use of SVG animation and is coupled with some really intricate parallax scrolling. I keep coming back and finding little details I missed the first time.  Everything from their pre-loaders to their navigation menu animations are packaged quite nicely, allowing for some really smooth flow.




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