Superheroes Past/Present—Superhero Silhouettes by Khoa Ho

by . February 12th, 2015

Superheroes are the coolest things right now.


Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

With the recent announcement of Spider-Man’s inclusion to the roster of Disney/Marvel’s movies, fans (me included!) are excited for the epic crossover of their favorite comic books coming to life.

This year alone, we would see the Avengers team up again, the origin story of one of the classic Avengers Ant-Man, and the reboot of Fantastic 4. Next year would be even better, with the release of a Deadpool movie and the highly-anticipated Batman v Superman movie.

To satiate your superhero cravings while waiting for April (Age of Ultron), check out these minimalist superhero posters by California-based freelance designer Khoa Ho. Entitled Superheroes Past/Present, Ho created black and white images of his favorite superheroes featuring silhouettes of their origins superimposed to their superhero forms.

Check out Khoa Ho’s Superheroes Past/Present superhero set. Can you name them all?

Green-Lantern_750 Aquaman_750 Ironman_750 Captain-America_750 Thor_750 Hulk_750 Spiderman_750

“At first glance they may just be black and white drawings of popular Comic Book characters but look a little deeper and there’s an inspiring and hopeful message behind them, which is something I wish I have achieved,” Khoan Ho said in his post.

” I created the Superheroes – Past/Present series in hopes to spread a positive message using some of today’s most iconic and inspirational characters. Also, because I love superheroes!”

Wolverine_750 professor-x_750 magneto_750 deadpool_750 gambit_750 Batman_750 Superman_750 Wonder-Woman_750 Flash_750

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All of his posters are available at Hero Complex

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