TGD Magazine Issue 1: A Collection of Creative Insights from the World’s Top Creatives

by . February 28th, 2014

We here at You The Designer are huge fans of The Great Discontent, an online magazine featuring high quality interviews of world’s top creatives focusing on beginnings, taking risks and lots of creative insights and inspirations. This year, TGD will have their major milestone by making their content into a printed magazine. The idea to have a magazine of creativity through the words from multitude of creative talent in our bookshelves is more than awesome!

The Great Discontent Magazine Issue 1

To fund their first ever issue, Ryan and Tina Essmaker, the mighty duo behind TGD set up a Kickstarter campaign that will end this week.

The Great Discontent Magazine Issue 1

Since it’s launched in 2011, TGD has showcased over 100 long-form interviews from various creative disciplines with a wide readership in over 170 countries. The would be magazine print issue will include 15 interviews with individuals who have also taken leaps, including Sara Blake, James VictoreZack AriasElle LunaIke EdeaniDebbie MillmanJoshua Davis, and more!

[pullquote]Ryan and Tina EssmakerWe started TGD as a digital publication, and we’ll continue to release digital issues, however, we’ve always dreamt of making a physical magazine. And now we’re doing it! The Great Discontent Magazine, Issue 1, will be a beautiful way to preserve some of the content we’ve featured online and allow it to be enjoyed virtually anywhere. [/pullquote]

See their Kickstarter campaign page for more info.