Thanksgiving 2014: What Are Graphic Designers Thankful For?

by . November 28th, 2014


For Thanksgiving week, we asked you what you are thankful for and we’re very happy with the results. It’s amusing how we designers all think alike based on our answers. We gathered screencaps of your responses and divided them into different categories. To start, the YouTheDesigner team is thankful for your continued support and patronage. We’re very grateful because we reached  50,000+ followers on Twitter in time for Thanksgiving. Some of our writers shared what they’re thankful for, too!

Graphic designers are thankful for… their talent, creativity, and senses.

This is the most common response of designers. Creativity can’t be learned overnight. Some people attend a number of classes and workshops but never amount to anything, while others are naturally good in art — that’s why those who are lucky are eternally grateful.


Graphic designers are thankful for… other designers.


While we’re happy being our creative selves, some of us are feeling selfless this year and would like to acknowledge the help they get from other designers. Many of us were inspired by the works of other designers, and that is something we are thankful for. P.S. One was even thankful for us, yey! :)


Graphic designers are thankful for… being able to do what they love.


How common is it for people to find a job that they’re absolutely passionate about? Graphic designers feel so blessed that it’s possible to make a living out of what we love doing. One even claims that graphic design isn’t a “job”. We know exactly what you mean, Jamie! :)


Graphic designers are thankful for… good clients.

We’d still be scribbling in our notebooks if there are no clients in need of our services. Although we regularly have problems with communication and direction, we’re still thankful that every once in a while, we meet clients who are cooperative and trusting of our creative choices.


Graphic designers are thankful for… technology.


Another common answer is technology and specific software that we use for design. Graphic artists need tools, gadgets, and software to enhance and render designs. In this day and age, can a graphic designer really live without Adobe Photoshop?


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope this round-up was able to give you a fresh look on the little things we should be thankful for. Let’s start preparing for the holidays, shall we? :)

What are you thankful for? It doesn’t have to be grand or related to design. We want to know what our readers appreciate. Let us know!