The Hyperrealistic 3D Digital Paintings of Frequenzlos

by . December 12th, 2015

Take a look at this photograph. Look closely and tell me what you think.


It’s a photograph of a green dragonfly resting on a rain-covered stalk of grass. You might think some wildlife photographer took it for NatGeo or that a budding enthusiast shot the specimen from his backyard. But it’s not.

It’s a digital painting.

Deviantart artist and Germany-based musician Manuel Peter aka Frequenzlos is just one of many three dimensional artists who create these hyperrealistic digital paintings using 3D software, but what sets Manuel’s creations apart his attention to detail and his dedication to the craft.

Using 3D modeling software such as Blender and Cinema4D, Peter created detailed models of nature and everyday objects that dare I say are more beautiful than the real thing.


Frequenzlos style and talent have led him to win in the Animago Awards in 2015. His piece “On The Tramp” pictured above was awarded the “Best Still” category.

Check out more of Frequenzlos’ 3D art below. Be sure to click each image for the full resolution. 

moth_by_frequenzlos-d75axrh schreibmaschine_by_frequenzlos-d7vj7sf

hermit_crab_by_frequenzlos-d849nj3 ship_in_a_bottle_by_frequenzlos-d8p26ht

For more of his digital paintings, check out his Deviantart page here and his personal website here.

Which of Frequenzlos’ art did you mistake for a photograph? Comment below!


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