The Return of Hate Mail: The Offensive Postcards of Mr. Bingo

by . November 5th, 2014

Prepare your Paypal accounts because London-based artist, Mr. Bingo, is officially back to offend us with his Hate Mail postcards. A few months ago, United Kingdom citizens were moved by the offensive postcards sent directly to their mailbox — and soon we’ll be able to witness a batch of hatred delivered to UK doorsteps anew.

[pullquote]I love post and I’m worried that people don’t get enough ‘fun’ post these days. Especially postcards. So I had an idea. It’s very simple.[/pullquote]

Mr. Bingo is a self-proclaimed naughty schoolchild and all he ever wanted to do was art. Even as a kid, all he did was draw and draw that’s why he never got bored.  This project is a good time killer on his part, since each postcard from this project is made from scratch using his own witty mind and vulgar drawing hands.

[pullquote]It’s your fault if you’re bored[/pullquote]

One drunken night in his studio led to one of the funniest, most offensive art projects the world has seen. He drunk-tweeted that the first person to reply to his tweet would receive a free hand-drawn postcard from him. In a few minutes, he received 50+ replies.

Mr. Bingo draws some random doodle on a postcard, seals it with just enough hate and sends it to you for a certain amount. What an easy way to earn money, don’t you think? People seem to have loved being cursed at and hated for things they obviously aren’t or didn’t do — so much that they’d pay an artist to immortalize it!



Mr. Bingo’s personal favorite

[pullquote]You send me fifty quid (plus postage) and I’ll send you a vintage postcard with a drawing and an offensive message on it (that’s why it’s called ‘hate mail’). So you get an original signed drawing, the postman gets a laugh, and the world get’s a little bit happier.[/pullquote]

Mr. Bingo is naturally funny. His intent to make the world a bit happier is very noble, in spite of his manner in fulfilling it. The only downside to this is that you can’t customize your postcard; you just have to wait and be surprised with the message and original drawing that will appear. From time to time, he schedules international shipping for orders outside UK but if you’re itching to see his works, the book version is the next best thing.


All images are courtesy of Mr. Bingo

Have you ever received harsh messages? Too bad, but hey, maybe Mr. Bingo can use them in his project. :) Share them through the comments below!