Which Typeface Would You Date and Other Cool Things in Type Tasting

by . July 31st, 2014

What if a typeface magically becomes a person would you go out on a date with it? Who would you choose and why?

Type is everywhere, from signs to the texts that we are reading and as a designers we are expected to work with a vast number of typefaces on our lifetime. But what if typefaces are real people? Real people that not only we have to work with but we also go out on a date with? Which typeface would we chose? How do we find the potential one?


This is what graphic designer and educator Sarah Hyndman is trying to figure out using a series of survey games. The dating game is a part of the Type Tasting Human Experiment which a collection of  interactive games, survey and interviews that ranges from how does typefaces taste and sound like to the which typeface would one take on a date. Hyndman is particularly interested in learning how do we humans respond to typefaces by associating it with personalities, taste and sound.


I’m curious about psychology and typefaces, the effect they have on us beyond the purely functional. I’ve created a series of surveys, interactive games and interviews. These explore how we all respond to typefaces, how they stimulate different senses, trigger memories and what different personalities they have. 

Currently, the Type Tasting Experiment has 8 surveys that you can answer or play with. We highly suggest that you guys try out the type dating game and the typeface personality specially if you are taking a break or you need some creative stimulation.


What do you guys think? Have you tried it out? What is your personality according to a type? If you haven’t tried it out we suggest you guys do specially if you are big fans of typography. Don’t forget to check us out in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to learn more about cool and inspiring projects and design work.

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