These Pokémon Go Posters Are Perfect For The 2016 Augmented Reality Game

by . September 19th, 2015

With the recent announcement of a new augmented reality Pokémon game, I can finally fulfill my childhood dream.

To be the very best that no one ever was.


Gotta catch ’em a— how many are there now?

No, seriously. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo and will finally create a Pokémon game set in the real world. Augmented reality game maker Niantic who made the popular AR game Ingress is slated to create Pokémon game entitled Pokémon Go.

Playable in iOS and Android smartphones, Pokémon Go puts the gameplay mechanics of searching, catching and battling Pokémon in real life places with the use of GPS.

And freelance illustrator Dane Cozens created the perfect posters for the game, a year before the game was announced.

“I began drawing realistic Pokémon when I was 10.  Recently, I decided to revisit this challenge and understand the story of the pokémon world,” Dane said. Pokémon reimagined as realistic behemoths is not a new concept but his posters evoke the nostalgic generation 1 starters’ final evolution with one twist—smartphones as Pokédex.

“In this suburban sci-fi world, children and teenagers leave home to go on a rite of passage.  To prove their worth, the children capture, train, and battle with monsters.  In my posters, the children use Pokédex, a cellphone-like computer, to scan the fully-evolved versions of three important Pokémon.”

Check out his triptych Pokémon posters below:

DaneCozens_VenusaurPoster DaneCozens_CharizardPoster DaneCozens_BlastoisePoster

Dane Cozens is a freelance illustrator from Washington DC. Visit his other works in his website by clicking here.

Which starter is the best starter, Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle? Comment below!


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