This 2015 Pan Am Games Police Logo Is Glorious

by . July 18th, 2015

We’ve featured crappy designs before here at UCreative, but this is something else.

But before we say anything more, check out the logo in question:



It’s glorious!

The masterpiece above is the logo of Pan Am Games Police Service by the Toronto Police, which provides safety and local information for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

The Pan American Games is a major international sporting event participated by countries from the North and South America continents. This year, the Pan Am Games is being held in Toronto, Canada.


The logo of the event itself isn’t that remarkable but the Toronto Police Service logo… it’s glorious.

Toronto-based blog Torontoist has this to say about the logo:

Look at that clip-art globe and feel connected to humanity; think about how we like to tell ourselves we live in the most multicultural city in the world, even if it’s not true. Or take in the stock image of the fluttering Canadian flag, and feel it flap in your heart. Can you feel the patriotism? Of course you can.

I especially like the chrome double ribbons stating what seems to the force’s motto “Excellence Through Collaborative Partnership.”

The collaboration is clear with the harmonious elements within the insignia—a clear statement against the diminishing standards of today’s design trends which tend to be minimalist and flat.

Is this the return of skeumorphism?


It is also worth mentioning the police force’s Twitter account‘s banner depicting the sporting events juxtaposed to a wondrous WordArt and clipart of what seems to be the Earth.

Thank you Toronto and thank you Pan Am.

Does the logo pop enough for you? Share your thoughts below!


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