This Designer Made Awesome Line Drawings of Friends’ Houses For Christmas

by . December 28th, 2015

Imgur user BarryAdams has been making line drawings of his friends’ houses since 2010.

This one of the more inventive gift ideas we’ve seen in a while.  The idea’s not just great for Christmas of course, but for any occasion you need a fairly simple, yet personal gift idea. Plus you don’t have to restrict yourself to houses. You could try pets, or cherished personal items as well!

Check out some of Barry’s line drawings. We’re not too thrilled with the kerning, but hey it works.

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linedrawinghouse01 linedrawinghouse03 linedrawinghouse02

Barry also does these line drawings for clients as well. The way he does it is pretty simple.

Here’s his process




For more of his illustrations, check out the original post here:

House Illustrations


What do you think about this minimalist take on gift-giving? 


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