This Is Your Brain On Drugs—Minimalist Posters by Meaghan Li

by . March 31st, 2015

Despite all the bad effects of drugs both physically and emotionally, there’s no question about the visual stimulation it can give to a user.

Something graphic designer Meaghan Li tried to depict in her side project This Is Your Brain On Drugs. 


The title is reminiscent of two ad campaigns of the same name by the  Partnership for a Drug-Free America. The two PSAs are large scale anti-narcotic campaigns using a frying egg as a metaphor for the brain getting “fried by drugs”.

Meaghan Li’s posters, however, attempt to illustrate the lucid effects of each drug in an objective manner and make it accessible to everybody, especially to non-users.

Meaghan is a graphics designer from New Zealand studying at Duke University. She is in her final year as an undergraduate majoring in Public Policy and Political Science with a minor on Visual Media Studies.

Her academic experiences include working on drug policy research in the Netherlands and implementing an arts-based educational curriculum in Tanzania, something that reflects on her poster series.

Check out some of her work below.

(DISCLAIMER: You The Designer does not advocate the use of drugs and the pieces are featured here for the purpose of commentary and critique) 

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For the full set of posters, visit her website here.

Did Meaghan capture the effects of drugs visually? Comment below!


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