Typendium: Typography History in an App

by . August 29th, 2014

“Discover the history behind some of the world’s greatest typefaces with Typendium, an elegant collection of short essays and illustrations.”

Typendium is a recently launched iPhone app that features stories about some of the world’s greatest typefaces and the designers behind them.

The iOS app contains a collection of short essays accompanied by neat illustrations telling everything from why Palatino is “the world’s most pirated typeface” to why Gill Sans is “considered controversial.” Typendium is a collaborative project between game maker-slash-sound designer William Robinson and artist Robyn Nevison, and working on the project was their way to learn how to make an app. According to Robinson, he wanted to offer the users an interesting overview of some of the world’s best typefaces.

Currently, you can learn the stories behind Baskerville and Futura for free, but you can unlock Gill Sans, Palatino, and Times New Roman by paying $0.99. The fee also covers access to future type stories — which is currently in development.

Typendium is available on the App Store.

{via New App Tells The Stories Behind Famous Typefaces | Co.Design | business + design }