Typography In Motion

by . May 21st, 2014

Typography, the art of creating, combining, and arranging type, has seen innovation over the years. From pictographs to ideographs to the Egyptian hieroglyphs. From the first alphabet developed by the Phoenicians to the serifs of the Romans. From Charlemagne’s Caroline Miniscule to Guttenberg’s system of movable type. And of course, the most important thing that ever happened to the history of typography is the invention of typefaces such as: Garamond, Baskerville, Didot and Bodoni, Goudy, and the most popular Helvetica of Max Miedinger.


Then what is more amazing than your favorite typefaces in motion? Typography plus motion graphics, another innovation and visual spectacle to thrill your type savvy minds. For fans of Helvetica, Garamond or Arial, here’s a captivating treat for you in the form of great typography videos. Feast your eyes!

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Source: 6 Great Typography Videos