Webdesign Wednesday – Virgin America Redesign reinvents Online Booking

by . June 4th, 2014

Virgin America has changed up online booking for flights by revolutionsing online flight booking. Being a web designer whose first priority has always been UI and UX – Online booking has never been really an easy nor memorable experience. It’s something I associate more with me trying to wrangle a cheap flight come summer or Christmas and filling out an an endless array of form fields. We associate the process with little calendars and little red asterisks to indicate that, yes – all the fields are required.

(I never understood the asterisks. How did we – as designers unanimously agree to that? #UIMysteries)

Instead, Virgin America has revamped their store front to an over-all friendlier user experience. We’re digging the fresh details, cute SVG animations, the clean layout and the fact that it makes the whole flight booking process easier and funner.

You can play around (or alternatively book a flight) at the website here! 




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Got any more great examples of UX? Booked a flight recently and have some UX horror stories? You can also check out this cool post with tips about how to Upgrade Your Flights from Economy at YouTheEntrepreneur. Let us know in the comments below. You can also hit us up on our FacebookTwitter and Google+ profiles. Lastly, our RSS Feeds is open for subscription so that you can stay up to date on the latest design trends.