Virtual Tour Designing Software

by . October 4th, 2012

Virtual Tour Designing Software

The Use of 360 degree virtual tours in photography and exhibition houses to create a wonderful ambience for visitors, business partners and in presentation is now becoming popular for travel agents, resort centres, real estate developer etc. Now take advantage of this phenomenon to paint the perfect picture about their business. But how are virtual tour effects created and what software can be used to design its glorious effects?

This article would be answering the above by providing a list of the top 20 software beginners and professionals can use to design a virtual tour for their areas of interest.


360 degrees Virtual Tour Software

Visual This website provides its virtual tour software on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It can be easily used to develop panoramic images as well as a complete 360 degree panoramic view.


RTV Software: The RTV virtual tour software is an advanced platform used in developing real estate virtual tours.


TourWeaver: The Tourweaver is a professional virtual tour software that can be used to create interactive image/video scenes. It works with most image and flash video file formats.


Panorama software:It is a professional image stitching software which helps you create 360 degree virtual tours of your images as seen in art galleries.



3D Vista: The 3D vista is a virtual tour software designed for use by engineers and architects due to its ability to create professional floor plans and different components.

Kolor Panotour pro: This is a software that provides you with the features and necessary tools to create an intuitive 360 degree visual tour in a professional way.


Autopano Giga: This is also a virtual tour software dedicated to the real estate business niche, it helps developers create a panoramic view of large building structures.


Krpano: The Krpano is a powerful virtual tour creating tool used by professionals. It provides you with all the necessary features to stitch and develop high definition tours but its learning process is quite steep for beginners.


Live Stage Pro: The LSP is an easy to use software for editing photos and creating streamlined 360 degrees virtual tour. It is easy to use and can be used in most businesses that require virtual tours.


Cubic Connector: This is an advanced virtual tour designing software used by both professionals and amateurs to link images and movies seamlessly to create a unique visual tour.




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