WATCH: 5 Things Graphic Design Instructors Never Teach

by . September 29th, 2015

Doesn’t matter if you freelance, work in an agency, or find yourself designing the same things over and over in-house. They rarely teach all you need in design school.

Roberto Blake‘s popular graphic design channel is popular for a reason. He dispenses with the fluff and cuts straight to the things that actually matter.

Watch (or just listen) to his thoughts on things you won’t get taught in graphic design school:

5 Things You Don’t Learn in Design School

  • How to Get Hired as a Graphic Designer.
  • How to Get Graphic Design Clients.
  • How to Market Yourself Effectively as a Designer in the Current Era.
  • How to Find Inspiration as a Graphic Designer.
  • How to Be Successful as a Graphic Designer.


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