What If Brand Logos Are Affected By Their Products?

by . March 4th, 2016

What if the product is used on the actual brand logo?

This is what graphic designer Marco Schembri from Italy decided to explore in his Behance project.

Ten famous logos are given the treatment of their own product with surprisingly hilarious and clever results. Gillette is cut by a razor. Absolut gets drunk and gets blurred vision. McDonald’s becomes obese.

Aside from making the Starbucks Mermaid hyperactive with caffeine, Marco Schembri conducts industrial product design and 3D modeling. He is currently the Senior Designer & Project Development for Nuvita

Check out the rest of his project below.

01 - KgTHm50 02 - IqfQofg 03 - u8k04op 04 - MRjsUFA 05 - XEuqANx 06 - LBuPSVc 07 - 4R3f3JT 08 - XmIM6H8 09 - 3IYaffY 10 - manWOQj


Which brand would you like to get a taste of its own medicine? Comment below!


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