What if Santa has a Brand Book?

by . December 15th, 2013

It’s that season again wherein a jolly round man goes through chimneys to deliver warm gifts to the nice and a cold nothing for the naughty. What if Santa, this round and jolly man is a brand? What would it be like?  We used to wonder about it too until the nice folks from Quietroom made this brand book.

Everyone knows who Santa Claus is, not to mention the whole story around him. The problem is that his story or rather his interpretation varies from different countries. Now, in order to perfectly tie all these loose ideas about Santa, UK based agency, Quiteroom made this amazing and not to mention hilarious brand book about Santa.

Brand Book

The *Santa* Brand Book (yes, it has to have asterisks as the brand book suggests) pokes fun at many branding strategies that are used by many companies all over the world. The brand book is aimed to educate everyone how to “live to the brand” of *Santa*. The book discusses about the typeface and what should be the correct Pantone color to use, and why should we use *Santa* with asterisk.

Brand Book

Designers who often work with brand books are sure to find this hilarious. While some of the branding strategies told by the brand book might come across as silly, some of the things done and shown in the brand book are done by companies in real life. One example is the silly and obnoxious use of brand names like Sony PLAYSTATION 3 which was mentioned in Fast Company.

The brand book is perfect for this season specially for those who are deeply into branding and marketing. For those who have a Grinch of a friend who’s into marketing, this might be a good share to spread the holiday cheer! So  live the brand! Snap it! Clap it Wrap it* What do you guys think? Share your thoughts at the comments below!