You! Be Informed! #0062 – Netflix Unveils a New Logo

by . May 7th, 2014

Netflix has gone flat. The online TV streaming company and everyone’s favourite lazy day hobby is trading up its iconic logo for something a little more subdued. While the new logo might not interrupt your binge-watching session of Hemlock Grove – as designers, the company transitioning to the flat look should be something really interesting. Has flat design become so widespread that this entertainment giant followed suit?

Here’s a look at the two logos side by side, and a better view of the logo itself:




The former iconic logo, with its deep extrusions and bold text – was something reminiscent of old Hollywood, making the connection between Netflix and the film industry almost instantaneous. Netflix as a company has been pretty consistent with its choices of branding, always opting for its vibrant red in its packaging and its interfaces. This new logo is neater on the eyes. Overall, it appears sleeker with its softer shadows and muted red coloring.

The logo was first made known in the new Orange is the New Black trailer. (For fans of this gorgeous show, heads up – the Netflix Original Series has also been renewed for its third season!)

Mark Wilson of FlatDesignCo has taken a stand on the new logo, with fairly great points up his sleeve. He reached out to a company spokesperson, inquiring about whether or not this was their next move in terms of re-branding or if this was just the company switching up its logo. Unfortunately, Netflix has declined to comment. We’re not sure if this is a slow step to a bigger design overhauling or if this is just all there is to it.

Is this a case of something not broken being fixed or Netflix playing it safe? YouTheDesigner is patiently awaiting any further announcements regarding the streaming services’ new logo.

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